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Alternative Social Media Networks

There has been a lot of noise lately about a clamp down on alternative news via the big social media platforms (FB and Twitter), and indeed we have seen some very popular personalities get the heave-ho from their digital stomping grounds.  One such conservative commentator that got the boot was Milo Yiannopoulos, for something as […]

If you have nothing to hide…

Its a bit on the technical side, but the implications of this are staggering.  When we talk about the ability of an “entity” which is in all likelihood our own government, to intercept parcel post and create Trojan media, or infect firmware (low level system that functions in order to run a hard drive, video […]

Older Tech May Be Better At Thwarting The Man…

You know, we really got duped by groups like Dropbox etc.  Sure they made file syncing and sharing simpler, but hell, running an FTP really wasn’t very hard to do.  In fact it was/is so easy, even if you needed to rent an FTP server rather than build your own, that almost anyone could do […]

Privacy? Anonymity? Ah, who needs it anyway…


The planning for Facebook exodus continues.  I’ve been looking at ways to continue sharing my interests and indulging them as well via alternate social media applications.  I’m on Twitter (yuck, its like trying to read graffiti for news), Instagram (not good for news, advocacy) Vine (good for short videos of nut shots etc) Google+ (not […]