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Who owes whom?

Dear Supporters of Sanders/Clinton, I seem to be hearing a specific theme coming from your ranks, and that theme is one of power to the people, or pro-worker communist sentiment.  I’ve been hearing that the burger flipper needs more money per hour, or that the Walmart employee deserves this wage or that wage and I […]

Setting the stage for forced Ebola quarantines

Peter wrote: The media story about Kaci Hickox disobeying quarantine and travel restrictions is designed to make the public start debating….civil rights vs. “public safety.” The wording, and the story, is written to lean towards fear, that she is jeapordizing us. And if that public mindset sets in, it’s a short step to a mass […]

#Ebo-lie part 2

It is now perfectly clear to everyone who understands the principles of virology and disease outbreaks that every claim and assurance now uttered by the CDC must be immediately assumed to be a half-truth. Unlike with the hoaxed swine flu pandemic where the CDC was madly hyping up a largely fictional pandemic in order to […]

#Ebola or #Ebo-lie ?

I’ve been posting about this over the past week or so, so I thought I would write up a more comprehensive document about everything I’ve found, but the news keeps rolling in and I expect this article to be dated almost as soon as its posted. First, I’ve worked in the field of Decision Analysis.  I’ve […]