The Formula for Producing Psychopathic Behavior.

Deranged lunatic Elliot Rodger is the epitome of a failed philosophic system which preaches entitlement at its core.  This failed philosophic system is pervasive in every corner of our society.  It is promoted on movie screens, television shows, news outlets and political speeches.  The professors in colleges willfully promote it, all the way down to the elementary classroom.  It is ingrained in our society and perverted as the de-facto ethical system, which would have been supported by Christ himself should he be around today.  It is the basis for every welfare system, and entitlement program supported by the Federal Government and the base excuse for the destruction of The United States by virtue of unbridled spending and printing of endless fiat money.  It is the disease, and every problem we as a society face, experience and deal with is but a symptom of this sick, twisted, and deplorable system of ethics.  The system I’m speaking of is Altruism.

Ayn Rand answers what the moral code of altruism is when she states that “The basic principle of altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty, virtue and value.”  When viewed in this most simplistic light, most of you would agree that Altruism is not what you would find to be the end all be all of how we should govern our lives.  We tend to believe that we have a right to our own lives and to make our own choices.  We even believe this as we go to the voting booth to demand that others behave as we dictate (an exercise in contradictions we can discuss later).  What we fail to understand however is the various forms that altruism takes in our society and in our lives.  The ways that it seeps into every crevice and pollutes our rational faculties by playing on and encouraging us to elevate our emotions on par with, or above our logical processes.  This is extremely dangerous, both in the philosophic sense, but also in the physical sense (more on this later).

Altruism gets gift wrapped in various forms, but one that seems to be most prevalent today is the form of class envy.  We are provided pictures, videos and media of every type that promotes fiscal promiscuity, instant gratification, over indulgence, and basic hedonism, while its portrayed as the norm, the goal, the finish line.  We are inundated with excess and deprived of the notion of reality which states that 99.9% of us will never attain such lavish luxury, nor will we ever do anything which will worthy of generating such wealth.  We are feed the delusion that the way to success is to learn to put ball through a hoop, or run a ball across a goal line, or that we need to learn to talk about bitches and hoes while stealing a drum beat from a real musician’s recordings.  We are shown that all success takes is putting a video up on youtube, then winning a singing competition.  And when reality hits us square in the face, then what?  When we’ve senselessly wasted our youth practicing skills that only serve us on a playground at recess and find ourselves flipping burgers at McDonald’s, then what?  In comes our old friend Altruism to rescue us from accepting the consequences of our behavior.

With the philosophy of Altruism, our personal failures become someone else’s problem to solve.  It’s not our fault that we didn’t make the big leagues.  It’s not our fault we didn’t win The Voice.  It’s not our fault we didn’t get that big break on the movie set, the only difference between us and the “elite” is dumb luck or anything except that which is in our control.  It’s not our fault we squandered our youth on activities that yielded no dividends, produced no wealth, and did squat to prepare us for our future, and because none of that was our fault, why should other people enjoy the spoils of hard work, success, or productivity?  Why am I making minimum wage?  I deserve more!  I deserve what I haven’t earned.  After all this is what Altruism teaches us.  I deserve $15.00 per hour and you need to give it to me, you need to sacrifice that which you have earned because I was stupid, or lazy, or anything but productive in the endeavors which make one valuable to society!

Class envy is validated with Altruism, and moreover the moral code says that those who have should sacrifice to those who don’t lest they fall short of the label “moral”.  “Do not confuse altruism with kindness, good will or respect for the rights of others. These are not primaries, but consequences, which, in fact, altruism makes impossible. The irreducible primary of altruism, the basic absolute, is self-sacrifice—which means; self-immolation, self-abnegation, self-denial, self-destruction—which means: the self as a standard of evil, the selfless as a standard of the good.” (emphasis is mine)  Rand has a point, and one that was echoed by the recent shooting lunatic Elliot Rodger who stated “I couldn’t help but feel a bitter form of envy at all of the rich kids at the concert. They grew up in lavish mansions, indulged in excessive opulence, and will never have to worry about anything in their pleasurable, hedonistic lives. I would take great pleasure in watching all of those rich families burn alive.”  “Wealth is one of the most important defining factors of self-worth and superiority. I hated and envied all of those kids for being born into wealth, while I had to struggle to find a way to claim wealth for myself. I had to be ruthless, and do whatever it takes to attain such wealth. After all, it was my only hope of ever being worthy of getting a girlfriend and living the life of gratification that I desire.”

Did you notice how he loathes those who “were born into wealth” and how he equates wealth to self-worth?  Where do you think he learned that?  Where do you think he learned to hate those who were better off than he?  With the likes of Al Sharpton and the rest of the Democrat party running around screaming it from the rooftops it isn’t hard to figure out.  This kid went on a shooting rampage because he couldn’t accept his responsibility for making things happen for himself.  “People should feel sorry for me. My life is so pathetic, and I hate the world for forcing me to suffer it. I feel sorry for myself.”  More pathetic words may have never been written.  Notice the sense of entitlement in his statement.  Notice how he blames “the world” for making him suffer his life.  Notice how he takes zero responsibility for his life, yet he feels sorry for himself.  This sick, twisted mentality is the product of a contradictory philosophic system.  It is the product of never accepting responsibility for one’s own life.  It is the consequence of everything that is being promoted by our government, our teachers, our media.  We want to blame guns, take them away from folks because it will make us safe.  I have news for you.  You cannot EVER be safe from a philosophic system that breaks the way you were designed to work.  A philosophic system is a framework for living, successfully.  See Introduction to Objectivism for a better understanding of the difference between a contradictory and non-contradictory philosophic systems.

When you are surrounded by a philosophic code that stipulates self-sacrifice, the inevitable consequence is that the have-nots begin to feel entitled to that which they haven’t earned.  Particularly when they understand that to be moral, those who have should sacrifice as a matter of principle.  Their twisted minds justify their hatred of those who have, because as long as they have less than the “rich” then the “rich” are immoral for not sacrificing enough.  Are you starting to see how Altruism breeds mental illness?

What we are witnessing in society and the world today is the inevitable chaos of a flawed and contradictory philosophic code of ethics.  If you understand the problem we face then it is up to you to become polished  when presenting and defending rational ideas against such stupidity.  We will be over run and consumed if we don’t take drastic measures now.

“Do not hide behind such superficialities as whether you should or should not give a dime to a beggar. That is not the issue. The issue is whether you do or do not have the right to exist without giving him that dime. The issue is whether you must keep buying your life, dime by dime, from any beggar who might choose to approach you. The issue is whether the need of others is the first mortgage on your life and the moral purpose of your existence. The issue is whether man is to be regarded as a sacrificial animal. Any man of self-esteem will answer: “No.” Altruism says: “Yes.”” -Ayn Rand

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  1. Nathan

    I think this article misconstrues the meaning of Altruism. Altruism is to be selfless, to help others, but it is in no way a philosophical system that ingrains the expectation that others are morally obliged to help you, only the other way around. Expecting others to help you is a form of Egoism. It is also wrong to blame this expectation people have on Altruism. Although there are people who, when given help, may come to expect it, this is in no way true in all cases. Many people, especially those unfit to help themselves (not everyone is a rational, able bodied individual), benefit from the kindness and selflessness of others and will try to do their part in giving back. Another thing is that it is completely unfair to attribute Elliot Rogers to the philosophical system of altruism. His actions were irrational, attributed to mental illness, not altruism. Lastly, as we are all a part of a society, our success is dependent on how the society is set up. We must all play our part. Some of us can become rich, but most of us will remain in the working class. Without the support of the working class, there would be no elite. Though they are hard working and have earned their spot at the top, they still must acknowledge those beneath them that have helped them reach that level and are in this way somewhat obligated to give back in one way or another.

    • Max

      Sorry Nathan, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If “Altruism is to be selfless, to help others” that necessitates that others are to help me in order to be moral. You can’t have everyone helping everyone with no one being the recipient of any help, that is an utter contradiction. And you may have missed it, but your own words agree with mine and Ayn Rand who said (and I quoted in the article) “The basic principle of altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty, virtue and value.” Which is to say, man’s highest moral purpose is to “be selfless, to help others” as you put it.

  2. ray vaughn

    This is the exact explaination I was looking for. Thank you.

  3. J. Guidry

    Great article. And, so true. In my opinion, “altruism” does not exist. The payback is the feeling good about oneself for contributing to the life of another. At the same time, demeaning the recipients ability to care for themselves. Exactly what the left is doing with the minorities, and has done for decades. Great for votes, not so much for the mental health of the minority folks who accept it as their due.
    Its amazing we don’t have more nutjobs running around killing folks just because they have the means to do so. Which speaks to the number of folks who are actually connected to reality and take responsibility for their own lives and the choices they made to get where they are.
    Thanks for the article, Max. Great thoughtful read.

  4. Altruism, along with its vehicle, Religion, is the most pernicious and pervasive meme in any society. Never underestimate the power of a meme to multiply, mutate and metastasize by hijacking the emotional mechanism, through which it subverts whatever faculty of reason an individual may have and turns reason into rationalization and then rampant emotionalism.

    Make no mistake: every conflict and atrocity in human life is meme warfare. It’s like software infected with viruses. Objectivism contains the antidote, if you can get its vaccine past the rejection mechanism. The capacity for rationality is inborn; its exercise is not automatic when a young mind is bombarded with the defective memes of its ambient culture. Envy is also inborn, a part of the hard-wired survival kit to imitate others. Mixing it with politics is a lethal brew.

  5. Casey McCarty

    It’s all “rights” and zero responsibility in this thought process. As all the entitlement programs and astronomical government spending… zero responsibility. It will be future generations that have to pay that bill just as it’s the younger generation that is starting to pay the price for the last generations’ entrenching this ideology into both culturally and institutionalizing it through government-legalized plunder. That price includes a collective existential crisis.

    The crisis is one of self-actualization and identity. By insinuating that other people, “the world,” “the 1%,” et al have all the power and you have none, then by logical construct, you yourself are powerless to define yourself and your future. When hard work and success are so readily disregarded as the accident of “privilege,” then there is no honour in working hard. If there is no working hard, the chances that you will somehow fall into luxury are are not in your favour. If there is no point in working hard to get ahead, then really, what is the point of anything?

    The ‘why am I here’ and ‘what should I be doing to live a meaningful and fulfilling life’ is obscured by the insistence that your birthright is your caste-like fate–either a “have” or a “have-not.” Never mind that government economic policies and taxation exacerbate the situation by eroding the middle class increasing the likelihood of landing in the latter category.

    These are not empowered youth eager to make their mark on the world, expecting to work hard and play hard along the way. These are the battle cries of youth who feel the emptiness of waiting for “the world” to happen to them, and to make them happy.

    Another example, recent quote attributed to the founder says something like “if our company is successful and enjoys excess profits, we’re under no obligation to share that with our workers” and the subsequent vitriolic rage that sent the social media world aflutter with incensed indignation. Yet if the company doesn’t profit, suffers a loss, should the workers not receive their pay because the budget didn’t pan out? Certainly not. Workers contract for certain duties for a certain time commitment for a certain pay whether or not the company is profitable. Profit sharing is a perk not a right, offered to some workers to inspire creativity & innovation directed towards increasing that profit. Simply showing up and behaving as you agreed in exchange for the agreed upon amount of pay is not innovation.

    All ‘rights,’ zero responsibility.

  6. Casey McCarty

    *sorry, as an edit, the quote attributed to “the founder” was Papa John’s founder John Schnatter.