The planning for Facebook exodus continues.  I’ve been looking at ways to continue sharing my interests and indulging them as well via alternate social media applications.  I’m on Twitter (yuck, its like trying to read graffiti for news), Instagram (not good for news, advocacy) Vine (good for short videos of nut shots etc) Google+ (not bad in the sense they don’t spam you with ads on your wall, but just control every ad you look at else where on the web.  I try to avoid Google products if I can, but perhaps I may use this for sharing funny videos and pics, and nothing news worthy).

There is a new up and comer called Ello that is making some noise, and while they promise to be everything Facebook is not, they will suffer the same fate.  That’s what happens when you have 500 million of venture capital funding you.  Eventually the Vultures, I mean Venture’s want a return on their investment and when that happens, you can kiss your new found paradise good bye.

There are other sites which cater to specific topics, and they generally run on top of the tool I once used called PHPFox.  Its a great Facebook clone tool.  WorldTruth comes to mind here as well as teapartycommunity.com if you are looking for that sort of thing.  For the Objectivists, I recommend Galtsgulchonline.com.  That site stays busy, and the conversation is more intellectual than some others.  A warning though, if you go there and post some altruistic crap be prepared to have your head handed to you on a plate.

Specialized communities and massive spy grids and commercial operations aside, is there any place one can go and share information and ideas without being hit up for money, data mined for advertisers?  Is it possible to be part of an online community that isn’t owned by a single corporate entity?  Is it possible to join a decentralized consortium of folks operating independent nodes of a massively distributed social network, which doesn’t just cater to one narrow aspect of information?  The answer to this question is YES!

Diaspora is probably the best suited answer to this question at the moment, and although my dream is for everyone to be their own node in a peer-to-peer distributed network, via a single installable app, at the moment, the Diaspora project is the closest to making this a possibility.  Now, not everyone can setup their own server, it does take some skillz, however there are plenty of independent servers, or “pods” as the project calls them that you can join and begin sharing information across the whole Diaspora ecosystem.  In the future you will be able to export your seed from a pod and import it on another as well. With Diaspora there is no vendor lock in, no censorship, no advertising.  Nothing but sharing and community.  Diaspora is doing other things smart too.  Like Twitter, you can follow #hashtags, so that any time someone posts with a specific hashtag, like say #RandPaul, you will see the post on your feed (provided they set the post to public viewing if you are not their friend).  You can group friends into different “aspects” (Diaspora’s version of Google circles).

If you haven’t checked it out yet you can register with a pod of your choice or go to the Natural News Pod run by Mike Adams and join up.  If you do, look me up!