If you have nothing to hide…

ciafloor_090214gettyIts a bit on the technical side, but the implications of this are staggering.  When we talk about the ability of an “entity” which is in all likelihood our own government, to intercept parcel post and create Trojan media, or infect firmware (low level system that functions in order to run a hard drive, video card or motherboard and is not visible to the user from the operating system), then you can not trust the manufacture of the devices we use either.

Recent articles such as this one and this one which more or less confirms the suspicions of the previous one  highlight how far the NSA will go in order to have complete surveillance over you as well as everyone else.  While I understand the desire that law abiding folks have to catch the criminals and keep ourselves safe, isn’t it time we had a frank conversation about the trust we place in elected Federal Government and their unelected proxies at the various alphabet agencies, which, thanks to recent revelations by the likes of Edward Snowden and others have shown an almost pathological impulse to ignore the laws as they pertain to themselves while aggressively going after “Us” and practically reinventing statutes in order to prosecute whomever for whatever.  Such was the case with Barrett Brown.  If you are not familiar with his story, this article will give you a bit more background.

There are many more examples, much less notable, but the point has likely been made.  What good is it to have a constitution that restricts the powers of the government in order to protect the rights of the people if the government wont abide by it and the population as a whole is far to ignorant to hold them accountable?  We have those restrictions so that, despite the noble reasons espoused, the innocent won’t be abused by those who wield that power.  If we adopt a stance of “if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about” then the entire basis of The Constitution is destroyed because it only takes a creative prosecutor to “give you something to worry about”.  The US Government should never be in the position of being omniscient, nor omnipotent.  Rest assured though, the more we find out the more we see this becoming the case.  With their federal grants to local municipalities for camera systems the government appears to be working towards omnipresence as well.  Now, omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence are not attributes of the Federal Government according to the constitution.  Not even close.

I hope you take the time to look into the links and articles outlined here.  After checking out the information ask yourself if this is the type of government you want to live under.

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