The Gay-K-K and My Right to Poop

The hypocrisy of the Liberals who denounced voting down of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is interesting to say the least. You might be asking yourself “what hypocrisy?” Well the hypocrisy is in the fact that every week we see a new story about how some specific minority group needs to be protected from being offended. For instance we are told to believe Caitlin Jenner is a beautiful strong powerful courageous woman when in fact she’s a man an address. God forbid you express an opinion that might offend or hurt or make the trans-gendered person feel less than what they proclaim they are.

Perhaps it might not be about trans-gendered people it might be about offending Muslims or it might be about how the nativity scene on City Hall offends an atheist.  You don’t need to look very far to see examples of some group claiming they are being offended and the left wing liberal crowd rallying behind them clamoring that the right wing conservative need to stop the offensive behavior.  When did someone get the right to not be offended?  When did the freedom of speech become freedom of speech so long as nobody takes issue with what you say?  That’s not freedom, that’s censorship in every way.  To equate talking shit about Muslims, Trannies, or fat people with yelling fire in a crowded theater is not only moronic, but completely without similarity.  In the crowded theater, physical harm is a real possibility, when criticizing, making fun of, or trash talking anyone or anything either in person or on-line, there is no imminent threat of physical harm.  Opinions don’t kill or cripple.  Being offended is not permanently debilitating.  At worst it is a blow to the ego.

In the same token that these left-wing terrorists attack everything on the right, claiming their rights to this or that, they are trampling on the rights of the people they disagree with.  You can’t assert the freedom to be different, to do as you please and then seek to deny the same freedoms to others without being a statist and a supporter of Tyranny.  With the LGBTQ community becoming more accepted in our society, some are taking it a step further and trying to deny people their right to not accept the LGBTQ presence in society as normal.  On one hand the LGBTQ wants to force acceptance of their lifestyle on everyone, but on the other hand they don’t want the conservative Christians to force their lifestyle on the LGBTQ community.  Perhaps this contradiction is only prevalent in the most vocal of the LGBTQ commnity, but regardless of how small a presence the opinion actually has, the Gay-K-K appears to be affecting policy insofar as the Federal Government is now getting involved in legislating public bathrooms, and this is something that the Federal Government doesn’t have the charter to do nor should it get involved in.