Who owes whom?

Dear Supporters of Sanders/Clinton,

I seem to be hearing a specific theme coming from your ranks, and that theme is one of power to the people, or pro-worker communist sentiment.  I’ve been hearing that the burger flipper needs more money per hour, or that the Walmart employee deserves this wage or that wage and I want to point a few things out to you that you might be missing.

The first point is that wages for these jobs will never go up unless you secure the borders a la Donald Trump’s plan.  Why?  Because as long as there are people willing to work for less because they are illegal and can’t rock the boat market pressure will keep these low end jobs at the bottom of the pay scale.  You can’t refute this, it is a fact.

The second point is that when you have a job that literally 90+ percent of the population can do with little to no training, you have no leverage to get any higher wages.  Think about that for a second.  How can you justify anyone paying you more, when they could just hire someone else that will accept less than you with little to no effort to train them?  Duh!

And this brings me to my last point, which is that I often hear that Mr. or Mrs. Rich Company Owner couldn’t have as much as they do without the workers.  On this point I will concede to your statement, but I will not concede to your sentiment.  What you are suggesting is that the business owner wouldn’t be successful without the employees and therefore owes them more.  This is patently untrue.  The successful management of employees by a business owner allows the degree to which they are successful in their endeavor to scale, but it doesn’t mean that without those employees he/she wouldn’t be successful, just that the scale of that success might be reduced.  Consider that for a second.  The business owner only needs the worker to achieve a greater level of success in their endeavors than they could achieve on their own, but the worker/employee needs the business owner for ANY level of success (otherwise they would be a business owner/entrepreneur themselves).  It may be a subtle difference, but it is all the difference in the world.  So when your economic situation is tied to another persons entrepreneurial endeavors rather than your own volition, who owes whom what exactly?