Stupid is as Stupid Does…

You really haven’t made it until you have people that write shit about you on the internet ūüôā¬† This week (yesterday in fact) I was the lucky recipient of one person’s misguided ignorance!¬† Here is a link to the blog.¬† Take a minute to read over it, if you are not into the bible verses, just skip those and stick to the critiques of me.¬† It’s going to get fun!

Right off the bat our esteemed author states that “I thought I would have a change of pace and go on an intergalactic trip to discover who should be accounted the greatest in the Alternative Media Universe.”¬† Let me first say that I’m completely flattered Jacquelyn Weaver, that you would consider me one of the greatest in the Alternative Media Universe.¬† I mean really, that is a compliment considering there are others WAY bigger than me out there.¬† I mean, considering I haven’t been on the air in over 2 years, I’m truly flattered that the author would consider me one of the greatest.¬† I would have assumed she were being sarcastic in her writing said compliment were it not for her inability to discern sarcasm.

That inability of which I speak was her diatribe about me proclaiming myself a pedophile.¬† She probably isn’t aware, but the photo that I posted of Mohamed was done after the Garland, Texas attempted shooting of the Mohamed cartoon contest.¬† My “proclamation” was in jest, a joke, satire, sarcasm, in its suggestion that Mohamed was a pedophile.¬† The quote “I am the pedophile Mohamed” in context was attributed as a caption to the photo.¬† How she makes the leap that I am suggesting that I am actually a pedo is beyond me, but hey I guess it’s an honest mistake anyone could make and let me just congratulate her on her awesome display of Christianity when she was musing about what my conversations with ISIS might be like.

Jacquelyn’s sudo attempt to pick me apart, cherry picking certain quotes while doing no due diligence whatsoever to the philosophic principles behind them is a betrayal to her readership, if she actually has any.

fuck youShe has posted a recent meme of mine, yet it seems she only take exception with the use of the word “FUCK”, and yet chooses to ignore the actual content.¬† Is it my tone, my use of the word “Fuck” to express my disdain or the Liberals, Islam, Socialism etc that I call out in that post?¬† She says she made the post “to display¬†the outward evidence which confirms what stories I have heard behind the scenes”.¬† WOW people are talking about me!¬† And here I thought my work was just being censored away by Facebook’s algorithms.

“Instead of mocking God by boasting on Facebook that you are the pedophile Mohammed, perhaps¬†Max Casey,¬†you should acknowledge that it was God who gave you your intelligence and abilities and opportunities which have allowed you to prosper.”¬† 1) I didn’t say I was the pedophile Mohamed.¬† Re-read the above paragraph about sarcasm and context.¬† And as for “God” given intelligence, I have no belief in a supreme entity, except for the Almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster (yes, I’m goofing on you Jacquelyn).

As for my battle cry of “Damn the man, and fight the power!”, let me point out another most excellent fail of hers.¬† I don’t work for the government, I’ve never worked for the Government and the Linked in profile she posted is NOT me (she updated the article and removed the picture/profile).¬† Now if you have read any of my writings, listened to any of my shows, looked at any of my posts on Facebook you would find a plethora of evidence that I 150% support liberty and individual rights.¬† The fact that she did so little research into me before firing off her half backed trash piece of me speaks volumes to her lack of credibility in her journalistic endeavors.¬† As for the graphics on my website, they are not burning the flag.¬† If you would put on your glasses, you might very well see that the flag is battle torn and flying high behind the flames.¬† The graphic is a representation of the fight that our country is going through in our attempt to remain a free people.¬† “Black Market Liberty”, the name, represents the fact that if we don’t do something soon, Liberty will only be found underground on the Black Market.

I assume Mr. Deyo came on my show, despite my well known disdain for religions of all types, because in the long run, he and I have common interests.¬† You see Jacquelyn, I don’t go around writing ill-researched hit pieces about online personalities.¬† I don’t perform whois searches on websites, or stalk linkedin order to try and shame someone online.¬† I spend my time trying to express a specific sentiment about totalitarianism and tyranny.¬† You may not like the way I do it, and that is fine, but unless you are some communist loving dip shit who wants to exist off the backs of others, you may want to consider that despite my “vulgar” vernacular, and despite my bombastic ego filled online persona, you NEED people like me to help keep people like Hillary Clinton and the moral subjectivists from killing off all the freedoms you currently have, including the one where you write incomplete and erroneous crap about people on the internet.¬† Without people like me standing up for free speech of ALL types, including sarcasm and content you and your ilk find offensive, YOUR article would amount to hate speech and you dear Jacquelyn, would be the one getting a knock at the door from some Sharia loving Muslim fanatic.