What does Russia, herpes and Donald Trump have in common?

I have to make some points that may be missed by folks as they get sucked into the Russia-Hacking-Helping-Trump-Victory conspiracy that is being pushed by the CIA.

First and foremost, if there was a direct involvement, aka, hacking voting machines, how is it that Trump won even despite losing the popular vote? Let’s face it, if you are rigging an election, you rig it, you don’t manipulate it so that you get the electoral vote yet lose the popular vote. Moreover, we are finding from some of the limited recounts occurring that the discrepancies are with the Democrat totals!

Secondly, if the CIA is suggesting that the Ruskies hacked Podesta and the DNC and that the leaks helped sway public opinion, WHO FAHKING CARES! The suggestion that Hillary would have won if we all didn’t know what a total criminal she is, isn’t an argument that should even be had. It’s like saying that you shouldn’t have gotten divorced because your spouse should never have found out you cheated and the only reason they did find out is because your side piece gave you herpes! We should be thanking the Russians if the did in fact leak all that shit on Hillary and the DNC and if you disagree, I’ve heard of a glory hole where a tranny named Mike will give you all the STDs your junk can handle.