Being Distracted is a, Hey, What’s That You Say?

Only in a country dominated by stupidity, where ignorance is rewarded with the sweat and labor of the productive, will you hear the nonstop claptrap concerning terrorism and the need for additional security by means of crotch grabbing and nude scanning, despite the testimony of its futility.  Only in Amerikuh, will the security focus be put unnecessarily and incompetently on mass sporting events, while creating checkpoints to crack down on distracted drivers!  For crying out loud, everything in a car is a distraction, from the radio, to the cd player, to the power seats, to the wife and kids and drive-thru meals, hey Jack, Better not be whistling a song because that could distract you.  How is it a checkpoint will determine if you are distracted anyway?  Do you have to run over the cops?  Obviously if you stopped for the checkpoint you weren’t that distracted!  Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

When are we going to start looking at the larger problems and quit pretending there is an Al CIA Duh boogy man out to get us?  Have you heard about Justin Bieber in the last two weeks?  What about Woody Allen?  Maybe you have heard Kanye West wants to leave the country if we don’t all start getting along?  Heard about the Olympics?  I’d put my money on the fact that you have heard about at least two of those topics yet haven’t heard anything in the last month about Fukashima or the radiation hitting the west coast, nor any of the sea life that might be affected by what appears to be an out of control catastrophe.

It might be time to turn off Tivo, turn off Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and start talking honestly with your neighbors and coworkers about what you can do to help some of the issues we face.  I’m just saying…

UPDATED 3-3-2014
Well there was finally a little blurb about radiation from Fukushima hitting the west coast of the United States this last week.  When I say little it was like, “um, yeah, the cesium levels are up slightly, but they were higher when we were blowing stuff up in the Pacific”.  Nice one idiots!  How many are going to buy that sound bite and just keep on eating the Filet-o-fish sammiches at McSanto? (McDonald’s + Monsanto for those of you who went to public screw-all, and I’m trademarking that shit btw.  won’t be long till you hear it on some radio show I’m sure).  You see, if radiation is just now getting here, that was the shit from over 2 years ago.  What about all the shit that’s been flowing into the ocean since then.  There is a tidal wave of Oh-Fuck-me! coming at this country and nobody wants to talk about it. Will it take a 500 foot bad ass fire breathing Lizard that strangely resembles a dude in a plastic lizard suit before we realize that shit went horribly horribly wrong, or will we all just bow down to our lizard over lord and take a spanking like a teenager from his over weight 9th grade English teacher, who even though we know its sick and wrong, is still somehow pleasurable because it beats spanking your monkey to the faded mental image of your older sister when you walked in on her getting out of the shower?

Comments (2) on Being Distracted is a, Hey, What’s That You Say?

  1. I think Fukashima is actually an experiment the Japanese are doing to try to make a real life Godzilla. I mean, the movies were great, right? They are arguably some of Japan’s greatest exports. Why not capitalize on this by creating a real, giant monster? Cloverfield was just a test market campaign. The new Godzilla movie is just another press release. Soon we’ll have 500 foot monsters assaulting our shores and clogging up shipping lanes. It’ll be like Pacific Rim, only real life! I can’t wait.

  2. Oh, and one more thing about being distracted…
    Q- How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?
    A- Wanna ride bikes?