What Would Happen If…

OLD SCHOOL TVStates decided to actively thwart the Federal goons violations of the constitution?  What if not just one, but several states said that they were not going to allow any NSA snooping gear to be used in any communications hubs in their state?  What would happen if a decision was reached to put the TSA and DHS out of business, after all they have no constitutional charter to operate within a State’s boarders with impunity.

Can you imagine what would happen if our State Legislatures were filled with Ron Paul’s and other liberty minded folks?  Would we as States, have better opportunity to influence our neighbor states?  Can we as communities do a better job electing like minded individuals as opposed to trying to send representatives to Washington?  Ever wonder why there are 24/hour news channels talking about Washington Politics and Federal b.s. but nothing specific dedicated to business at the state level?  What if we got together with other liberty minded folks and created a 24/hour news channel for each state?  Bringing light to local politics and elevating the local voice in the States?

What would happen?  A Governor and an elected State Congress, is a hell of a lot more formidable than a handful of congressmen and two Senators, and a hell of a lot harder to buy off!  I’d love to hear more input from folks about the feasibility of this as well as anyone interested in helping to get this going.


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  1. I remember so guys who took a stand and fought back. Guy Falks, George Washington, MLK, Zorro, Robin Hood, Han Solo… What about old Braveheart? Some crusades went well, some… not so well. The thing is, we are all too married to our hot and cold running water, shelter, cable, Internet connections, etc. We like paved roads and Starbucks. We are all far too comfortable and the thought of going without those sundries, even for a little bit, is just to strong a motivator to stay the same.
    It’s like this – Hey, I’m going to hold this pistol to your head and tell you what to think. You just sit in that easy chair and drink coffee. Sure the pistol is scary but, man is that chair comfortable.

    • Well you make a bit of a false dichotomy there bub. We don’t have to choose either or. To suggest that running water, internet etc would disappear should we wipe Washington’s ass of dingle berries is to suggest that they only exist as a result of corruption etc. But perhaps you are right. That recliner is so posh, and our focus so tight on prime time, that nobody notices the wholesale looting that is occurring underfoot.