The Day We Fight Back

Head on over to and send a note or call your congressman about your concern over the NSA spying.  here is a copy of what I sent this morning:

As your constituent, I am deeply concerned about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) mass surveillance programs. We need real reform to stop the NSA’s mass collection of our information.

I urge you to support the USA Freedom Act (H.R. 3361/S. 1599), an important first step in stopping mass spying, reforming the FISA court, and increasing transparency. But reform shouldn’t stop there: please push for stronger privacy protections that stop dragnet surveillance of innocent users across the globe, and stop the NSA from sabotaging international encryption standards.

I’m also urging you to oppose S. 1631, the so-called FISA Improvements Act. This bill aims to entrench some of the worst forms of NSA surveillance and extend the NSA surveillance programs in unprecedented ways. It would allow the NSA to continue to collect the phone records of hundreds of millions of Americans not suspected of any crime—a program I absolutely oppose—and could expand into collecting records of Internet usage.

The NSA mass surveillance programs chill freedom of speech, undermine confidence in US Internet companies, and run afoul of the Constitution.  We need reform now.

And to the idiots from the NSA that are reading this, I hope you get a flaming case of herpes.

Max Casey