Is the Tea Party too Civilized to Survive?

Uppity_MaxI was recently asked to read and comment on this article and specifically to answer the question, “Is the Tea Party too civilized to survive the onslaught from its political detractors?”  To that question I have this to say:

I don’t agree with the term “civilized”.  What has happened to the Tea Party as well as the rest of those who disagree with statism is more than a question of them being to “civilized” or too polite,  but most people are 1) ignorant of the facts 2) claim it conspiracy or 3) are too afraid of real change 1) our food supply has been systematically poisoned with Chemicals and estrogen mimickers that have neutered the population this isn’t really debatable as the evidence is in plain sight in many many places.
Mike Adams has invested a lot of money and time into exposing this stuff with Gas Chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment.  These chemicals, such as Flouride, BPA, and others are removing our ability to think and also making us complacent and lazy. Why else do you think Americans are the fattest and most unhealthy population on the planet? We have more cancer and more obesity and eat more processed food than any other country.  I hate to say it, but Michele Obama is right on this one.
2) People don’t want to believe that this is purposeful.  Ask most tea partiers why Flouride is in the water and they will tell you some shit that its for the teeth.  Yup, its for the teeth, keep on drinking the water bub.
3) Facebook and the internet is a steam valve. I believe I’ve postulated on this before.  Its like recess for kids
let them blow off their steam and they behave better the rest of the day.  Facebook and other major sites like Google+ have been cleverly crafted to attract millions, give them a voice, and then make it so that voice only preaches to the choir and doesn’t spread. So like a hampster on a treadmill, we think we are getting shit done, but we make no headway, go nowhere, and just keep feeding the machine information and metadata they can use, but it satisfies our need to proselytize our message and relieves the need to share our angst in the same way masturbation stays that need to screw.
This isn’t being done accidentally. Yes there are stupid people and there is incompetence, but that isn’t accidental either.  Compartmentalization makes things seem incompetent and inefficient. Its a symptom of what I’m saying.  Until the Tea Party realizes that its not just about replacing corrupt Democrats and Republicans and realizes that its about enslavement for the sake of the ruling predatory class, which consists of global banking cartels, they will never stand up and march or get physical Because its not a life or death issue. Its an annoyance.  Look at the civil rights marches. It was after those days that the rise of fluoridated water and chemical food came to be, and it was for a reason.  We couldn’t have those uppity Negros, or those damn hippies upsetting the apple cart anymore.  Now look at us.  The black community is in shambles, and those hippie protestors are actually ignorant Marxists who don’t want to work, and the people that have a clue are too busy working 60-80 hours a week, watching a TV that uses alphawaves to put them to sleep, and doing nothing but complaining on their slave labor made computer.  There is nothing Civilized about the Tea Party, because there is nothing civilized about suicide.
A civilized society would rise up against aggressors trying to euthanize it.  A Civilized society would fight for its values, not bitch and complain on Facebook.  The Tea Party is just a different type of Plantation slave.  He does the work during the day, then complains and agitates the other slaves in the barracks at night, but at the end of the day, they are still asking Massah, if they can get an extra piece of cornbread at dinner time rather than taking the freedom that should be theirs without asking for it and kicking the corrupt evil Master’s ass back to kingdom come before the full surveillance grid is in place and a plantation uprising is impossible.
There, that’s my caffeine and morning coffee induced rant.