So Hank, which attribute of this life are you so afraid to lose?

I received an email this morning from a friend.  I think its worth sharing because I’m sure a lot of you find yourself in the same boat.  I know I once did.

Hey Bro, 
I just wanted to drop you a quick note.  I got up this morning and started clicking through a few articles on the American Thinker, like I do every morning, and was just ragingly pissed off almost immediately.  I really am just saturated with stress over what’s going on here as well as the rest of the world.  I’m so pissed that I seem to be stunned into a state of non-action.  Like I’m waiting for a shoe to drop.  I could really use a tea party church-like institution to buck me up a little.  Someone to tell me that it’s all going to be ok would be very helpful, even if it’s a juvenile concept.  Anyway, any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.  

Name Withheld

What follows is my reply:

Do you get angry at the snake that bites your hand when you pick it up, or is it just a snake being a snake?  What is there to be pissed off or stressed about?  The only way you could be stressed or agitated is if you still hold on to the notion that you can do something to change the course of a loaded down freight train by holding a sign, protesting on The Mall, or writing posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Consider the following:  Your level of awareness/concern will never be known or agreed to by the majority because it requires conscious action, conscious concern, and responsibility to achieve it and maintain it.  When you have forces, who are very well funded, in large part, by taking advantage of the unconscious masses, conspiring to increase dependency, to increase desperation for security, with the goal of controlling the sheep through force, how can you win by merely “exposing” them?  In order to do so you would have to have a moral majority with the desire to jail or kill, yet at best you are surrounded by about half the population that knows something is wrong, but either blames the opposite party, or that blames government, corporations, or both, but regardless, they do not ascribe any nefarious, calculated motive to the endeavor over or above simple greed.  Their solution is to replace the non-virtuous with the virtuous as if they are playing monopoly or some game where there are rules that must be followed.  The other half blissfully believes that the greedy rich are the problem and think that they are entitled to that which they haven’t earned and happily vote for someone to confiscate it and redistribute it, yet some how, year after year they never get anything, nothing changes and they don’t ever stop to ask “Why?”.    

We are not playing a game, and our opposition uses the lives of men and women in order to achieve their ends.  Unless you and those who are like minded are willing to accept that the game is one of life or death, there will be no stopping them.  You don’t hold the majority, you are far from it.  The American Revolution wasn’t won by influence, representation or voting.  It was won by killing those who would steal your life for their own gain.

I was reading a piece today, it outlines proper behavior for a traffic stop.  In reading that document I became very painfully aware of how ignorant EVERYONE in this country is and how dubious the representatives of government are on so many levels.  The ignorance is insurmountable in our lifetime.

The outlook, dear friend, for this age, is bleak.  Rand knew it, and its why the Men of the Mind allowed the lights of the world to go dark, why they left the abusive system and let them get what they deserve.

You are Hank Rearden.  You are clinging on to something that the vast majority don’t understand and cant articulate, let alone defend.  The moment you learn to let go and let the lights go dark, the moment you realize that all you need to do is worry about yourself, and not a political/economic system over half don’t want to contribute to, you will find peace with what is almost an certainly inevitable.

Is this a bleak outlook?  Not at all.  The greatest place of assurance one can ever attain, is the absolute rock bottom of life.  After all, when you are at the bottom, there is no place left to go but up!

What we, people like you and I, need to come to understand, accept and put into practice is removing our support from a system that desires to steal our lives.  A system that seeks to use us as a means to an end.  Withdraw your consent and focus your mind and efforts on developing a societal relationship with other like minded, objectivists.  Operate parallel to the mainstream, and when the time is right, leave it all behind.

History has shown that in the face of tyranny, the seeds of freedom will grow in the shadows, and when the time is right, they will break through the darkness into the light.

So Hank, which attribute of this life are you so afraid to lose?