Work within the system… fuck that, lets build a new system

I’ve heard many times that “we are working within the system to bring it down”.  I think that is just bullshit for “I don’t like what’s going on, but I’m to much of a pussy to go without this fun little site/app.”  Take the recent ouster of Mark Dice’s channel from Youtube after YouTube implements the “trusted flagger” system.  Rather than leave the system, he pointed us over to his “backup channel” called TheResistance.  Better subscribe quick, because I’m sure that will get snatched soon.  It won’t be long before all the videos you want to watch will be removed and only things like FailArmy or EpicMealTime will be left, which isn’t a bad thing, but face it, you won’t be educating the world about the back stabbing, corrupt asshat’s that control the world if you keep supporting this sort of digital tyranny.

Don’t misunderstand me, Google has every right to purge whatever they want.  I’m just trying to get you idiots to see the writing on the wall.  Free speech is being censored under the guise of “End User License Agreements” and “Terms of Service”.  I’ve begun to think that this is inevitable when you are utilizing a corporations systems to do these sorts of things.  Corporations exist to make money.  Getting investors is part of the growth of a company.  Investors have sway.  Existing regimes have shown that they will buy and influence, or choke out of existence anything that shakes the status quo.  YouTube is censoring political speech “they” find undesirable.  Soon the major ISP’s will start charging you “tiered” access to content (ever wonder why AT&T and Verizon FIOS got into the consumer ISP game so late?) and you will have to pay more to gain access to sites with a political viewpoint, or alternative news feed like Alex Jones.  Can’t afford it?  Fine you get the regular propaganda.

What is the solution to all this?  First, you people need to wake up to what it is you are really doing when you use sites like YouTube and Facebook who censor you, data mine you and track you.  The next step is deciding to stop supporting “the beast”, go cold turkey.  After that, you need to reconnect with people in person.  Start talking again.  Have meet ups.  Do things the old fashioned way.  Build real networks.  Once you’ve done this, then its time to learn about software that makes file sharing, posting info to walls etc possible, but in a decentralized maner, where every person’s computer is a platform unto their own, like the way WASTE, Stealthnet, or Retroshare sorta let you do it.  Additionally, it doesn’t take much with off the shelf hardware to setup a neighborhood wifi network.  This needs to be done, and done now.  We need to start connecting communities, without any government oversight or corporate overlords screwing us over.

What will it take people?

The only way to take back control is to just do it.