Dead RINO’s

What is a RINO?  Republican In Name Only.  These are the ass hats that campaign saying all the right things.  Have the picture perfect family, great car, great house, look good on camera and seem to be made for the job.  We get all excited to send these bad asses that think just like we do to congressNo_RINO because they are going to kick some socialist/democrat ass!  And as soon as they arrive on the Hill, nothing.  Poof!  The carriage turns into a pumpkin, the horse into a mouse and we have nothing but empty campaign promises to remember them by.  They are the RINO’s!  And its about time they become an endangered species in the halls of Congress!  This campaign season watch the new website for primary and election information to help make good decisions and let’s once and for all eradicate the Rino’s in Congress!

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