We Have a Problem America

When subordinates at work cannot even recognize that someone is on the phone, in the middle of a conversation and working yet they persist in trying to grab your attention for something they should obviously be able to deal with, we are screwed. Our workforce is pathetic. I keep hearing about this great American spirit, this great pride in hard work. I don’t see it. I see a bunch of lazy, know nothing, non-skilled, intellectually bankrupt, morons who want more than they have earned in both salary and respect.

Every week we get new people in the office, folks that have college degrees, yet don’t have a clue about how to work a computer in a business environment.  Sure they may be able to operate Word’s basic features “See spot run.”  Now make it bold “See spot run.” Now add emphasis “See spot run.”  Click file – print and there you have it, that’s what they know how to do.  If you are lucky, and I mean really lucky they know how to send a meeting invite, but I haven’t met one yet that knows what “free/busy” is or how to check it.  Every day these tards come down to my office and ask me for some sort of task management software, yet not one of these short-bus-riders knows how to create a task from an email, set a dead line and follow up with a reminder.  Its a level of ineptitude that is mind boggling.  You’d think that this was basic stuff.  Guess not.

Could you imagine turning a worker lose on a job site when has has demonstrated no ability to hammer a nail, use a skill saw, rip a piece of plywood on a table saw, or use a T-Square?  Of course not.  If you did your house would look like the shack from The Little Rascals if you were lucky.  But that’s who’s spending a hundred thousand dollars on an education folks.  These mental midgets get a degree in god-knows-whut and think they should walk into a $50,000/year job when what they deserve is $10 per hour until they can prove that they have achieved a specific level of mastery in their chosen field, on an applied level, not some theoretical bullshit academic test.  Show us how you maximize your profit to effort ratio by managing your time effectively.  Show us how you reduce duplicate files and save hard disk space on the network and keep from clogging mail boxes.  Show us how you can manage your teams time effectively with a group calendar and remember to follow up on everything you assign them and maybe then you will get your yellow-belt in office jiu-jitsu.

Maybe I’m overly sensitive to this sort of thing, but if one more person comes into my office asking me for instructions on how to do their job, I’m going to kick their ass from here to the border.  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR INEPTITUDE AMERICA!  ACTIONS, NOT WORDS!  Next time I’m looking to hire someone, I’m going to find someone who’s worked on a drilling rig, or was in the military and knows the meaning of kicking ass and hard work.  I suggest you do the same, you know why?  Even if they don’t know jack shit about the job, they have shown that they have the bawls and determination to do what it takes to survive and thrive, and for me, that is far more credible than frat parties, sorority dances, mid-terms and liberal arts bullshit degrees.