You can’t have your cake and eat it too

America, land of opportunity, land of the free, where anyone can start at the bottom and with hard work and a bit of luck, they can make it to the top, just like Barack Obama…  Maybe not.  There is a stark difference between the marketing propaganda we have grown up regurgitating and what the reality is, and this recent article from paints a picture that is quite different.

According to the article there are approximately 147,802,000 non-veteran benefit takers in the country (according to census information) and they outnumber the working class, which consists of 86,429,000 full-time private sector workers, 1.7 freeloaders to 1!  Now I use the term freeloader for effect, some of those 147+ million people are getting social security that they paid for and medicare that they paid for… oh wait, those are ponzi schemes if there ever was a ponzi scheme, so technically they aren’t getting benefits they’ve paid for.  Moreover, the 86 million of us who work half the year to pay taxes of various forms aren’t even footing the entire bill for those ponzi schemes, we are running up those bills on Uncle Sam’s never ending American Express Charge Card to bankruptcy.

I bitch and complain, as do most of my listeners and readers, about government spending, welfare of every type, the evils of the philosophy of Altruism and more, and I think sometimes people just dismiss it as “well thats just his selfish view”, or they don’t see the immediacy of what I’m talking about.  But when you look at a picture, a scientific picture that breaks down the population like this and shows you that each one of you working class sheep are paying the way for almost two other Americans, can you see the logistical nightmare that your philosophy is creating now?  Do you understand the most basic math that is at play here?  Let me put it another way.  If you are in a boat, say a small row boat, out in the middle of a lake, and it starts taking on water at the rate of two buckets of water to every one bucket you bail out of the boat, are you going to be able to keep the boat from sinking, or is it a mathematical certainty that the boat will fill up with water and you will be “underwater” both literally and figuratively?  Ponder that Amerikuh, I’ll wait for your brain to catch up……

“Now Friends” I want to speak to the folks that understand this basic math, yet still believe there is a place for government run “charity” like Obamacare.  Do you think the government doesn’t know about this disparity?  Do you think they implemented this behemoth of a boondoggle not knowing what the statistics were?  Aside from the mathematical fact that based on the “producers” versus “the moochers” there is no way we can afford such a program, how do you think they are going to attempt to control the costs associated with medical care?  I explained this to a friend the other day with the following analogy when I told her “I used to have what is referred to as a Cadillac healthcare plan.  It was the equivalent to dining at a fine steakhouse.  I paid a lot, but the quality and service was very nice.  And no, not everyone could afford that level of service, but then again, I paid attention in school, worked very hard and applied my skills, while others were content working a drive-thru because it gave them just enough money to buy pot at the end of the week.  Now with Obamacare, and the fact that it is unsustainable, costs will have to be cut somewhere.  We all have heard about crazy Sarah Palin’s death panels that don’t exist (yet are in the bill), but costs will be cut other places too.  What’s going to happen is that I’m going to be paying steakhouse prices for a McDonald’s hamburger.  I’m going from Waygu beef to “notsureits” beef or even worse, chicken/silicon nuggets!

Folks when you get past the hyperbole and the rhetoric and look at the numbers while applying just a little bit of logic and (apparently) uncommon-common sense, you can’t help but see all the bullshit and the lies that you are being feed on a regular basis.  Your 24/7 news cycle is complicit in this, because if they aren’t, they are even dumber than the average Amerikhan!  How can you live this crap 24/7 and not know its a fraud?  Unless the mainstream media consists of 99.9% mentally handicapped individuals there is NO WAY on earth that they can’t understand ALL of this.  Most people I can get to admit that congressmen are corrupt.  Most will read this article and say, yeah, the government lies.  Those same people will stop short of admitting that the media is complicit.  Even when I point out that all the tv media is owned by six corporations, they still will have trouble admitting to obvious.  Are you one of those people?

Perhaps a better question is what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to post 10 pro liberty things on Facebook today and feel like you did your share to battle The Man?  Are you going to lampoon your friends and co-workers today at lunch with your new found knowledge and feel like you made a difference?  I can tell you that none of those acts would have saved Cliven Bundy’s cattle last weekend.  Sure they are a start, but when you have an almost 2:1 ratio of moochers to producers and a Federal Government that is creating policy after policy that attacks the producers, you had better do more than just complain on the web.  Share your strategy in the comments section below.  Let’s see if we can bail out this sinking ship before its too late.