If you have nothing to hide…

Its a bit on the technical side, but the implications of this are staggering.  When we talk about the ability of an “entity” which is in all likelihood our own government, to intercept parcel post and create Trojan media, or infect firmware (low level system that functions in order to run a hard drive, video […]

Older Tech May Be Better At Thwarting The Man…

You know, we really got duped by groups like Dropbox etc.  Sure they made file syncing and sharing simpler, but hell, running an FTP really wasn’t very hard to do.  In fact it was/is so easy, even if you needed to rent an FTP server rather than build your own, that almost anyone could do […]

Privacy? Anonymity? Ah, who needs it anyway…

Kim Jong Un Ate My Bawls!

I’ll wager that this whole event was very likely staged from inside Sony, with NK very likely having nothing to do with it at all. I realize the US Gov is proclaiming NK as the villain here, but since when is anyone buying anything they put out as gospel anymore? Either way, I’m thankful I can […]

Setting the stage for forced Ebola quarantines

Peter wrote: The media story about Kaci Hickox disobeying quarantine and travel restrictions is designed to make the public start debating….civil rights vs. “public safety.” The wording, and the story, is written to lean towards fear, that she is jeapordizing us. And if that public mindset sets in, it’s a short step to a mass […]

#Ebo-lie part 2

It is now perfectly clear to everyone who understands the principles of virology and disease outbreaks that every claim and assurance now uttered by the CDC must be immediately assumed to be a half-truth. Unlike with the hoaxed swine flu pandemic where the CDC was madly hyping up a largely fictional pandemic in order to […]

#Ebola or #Ebo-lie ?

I’ve been posting about this over the past week or so, so I thought I would write up a more comprehensive document about everything I’ve found, but the news keeps rolling in and I expect this article to be dated almost as soon as its posted. First, I’ve worked in the field of Decision Analysis.  I’ve […]


The planning for Facebook exodus continues.  I’ve been looking at ways to continue sharing my interests and indulging them as well via alternate social media applications.  I’m on Twitter (yuck, its like trying to read graffiti for news), Instagram (not good for news, advocacy) Vine (good for short videos of nut shots etc) Google+ (not […]

Cultural Identity Crisis

This article probably won’t go where you may be thinking but I think you may relate to some of what I’m going to discuss, so bear with me if you will.  I live in Houston, Texas.  I’m surrounded by a mix of cultures on a daily basis.  One that happens to be pretty high on […]

Obama-archy: A New Spin On Old Government

Taking a page from South Park’s Eric Cartman, pRESIDENT Barak Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama has to the Congress and the American people “Screw you, I’ll do what I want”. Do you see the parallels here?  The absolute best is when he gets on TV though and in true libtard fashion attempts to justify wiping the […]